Vidyalaya Management Committee (VMC)

Main Purpose :-For proper management of the vidyalaya with funds provided by the Samiti within the framework of the Policies/direction laid down by Society and Executive Committee.

Functions/Powers of the Management Committee :
(a) To exercise control over expenditure.
(b) To prepare budget estimates for the next financial year
(c) To make selection of staff for the vidyalaya on adhoc basis in accordance with procedure prescribed by the Samiti.
(d) To exercise general supervision over the maintenance of discipline among the students as well as members of staff.
(e) To exercise general supervision over the proper functioning of hostel and mess.
(f) To make suggestion for any improvement.
(g) To assist the vidyalaya to secure local assistance.
(h) To scrutinize and approve the Annual Report of the Vidyalaya

Vidyalaya Management Committee

1 Distt. Collector, Bilaspur Chairman
2 Distt. Education Officer Member
3 Executive Engineer of State PWD (Building) Member
4 Chief Medical Officer of the Distt. Member
5 Principal of a Senior Secondary School Member
6 One PTC Member Member
7 Senior Most Teacher of JNV Member
8 Two Representatives from Parents (One Male & One Female to be nominated by the Chairman, VMC) Member
9 Principal, JNV Malhar Member Secretary

Vidyalaya Advisiory Committee (VAC)

Main Purpose :-General supervision of the school within the frame work of rules and regulation and directives laid down by the Society and Executive Committee.

Functions/Powers of the Advisory Committee :-
(a) To assist the Samiti in making suggestions for any improvement of reforms in the academic or other procedure relating to the vidyalaya.
(b) To assist the vidyalaya to secure local assistance.
(c) To assist the vidyalaya to organize culture programme.
(d) To function as a bridge between the vidyalaya and local community

Vidyalaya Advisiory Committee

1 Distt. Magistrate Chairman
2 Local M.P. nominated by the chairman Member
3 Chairman, zila Parishad or his nominee Member
4 Principal of a school / residential school (to be nominated by Distt. Magistrate) Member
5 Distt. Education Officer Member
6 One Educationist of the area to be nominated by the Distt. Magistrate Member
7 Distt. Executive Engineer (PWD) Member
8 Principal, JNV Malhar Member Secretary

Parent-Teacher Council (PTC)

Building an effective & meaningful relationship between Vidyalaya Students, Parents & Staff, PTC Committee is formed.

Parent-teacher Council

1 Chairman Principal
2 Member Vice-Principal
3 Teacher Members
1. Mr. S.Bhagat PGT Geography
2. Mr. P.Yadav TGT English
3. Mr. J.Toppo PET (M)
4. Mrs. O.K. Lakra TGT SST
5. Mrs. S.Dixit TGT Maths
4 Parent Members
1. Bilha Block Mr. Halim Khan
2. Bilha Block Ms. Mandavi Bai Sahu
3. Masturi Block Ms. Indira Bhanu
4. Masturi Block Mr. Ravi Shankar Jagat
5. Lormi Block Mr. Bhanu Pratap Sahu
6. Lormi Block Mr. Santosh Kumar Banjare
7. Marwahi Block Mr. Anil Kumar Jaiswal
8. Marwahi Block Mr. Ramesh Kumar Jatwar
9. Takhatpur Block Ms. Santoshi Dhruw
10. Takhatpur Block Mr. Ramesh Kumar Kaushik
11. Pendra Block Mr. Rajendra Bhardwaj
12. Pendra Block Ms. Meenapuri
13. Pathariya Block Mr. Narendra Patel
14. Pathariya Block Mr. Iswar Prasad
15. Pendra-Gaurela Block Mr. Manish Gupta

Physical Verification Committee (PVC)

A committee has been formed to verify all the items procured by Vidyalaya. Committee ensure good condition, quality & quantity of the procured items 

Physical Verification Committee
2018 - 2019

Month Name of the Teacher
JULY 1. Mr. S. Bhagat (PGT Geography) 
2. Mr. G.S.Singh (Art Teacher) 
3. Mrs. N.Thawait (TGT Science)
AUGUST 1. Mr. Y.K.dewangan (PGT Hindi)
2. Mr. P.Yadav (TGT English)
3. Mrs. S.Singh (PET-F)
SEPTEMBER 1. Mr. U.S.Patel (PGT Maths)
2. Mrs. S.Dixit (TGT Maths)
3. Mrs. S. Tirkey (Music Teacher)
OCTOBER 1. Mr. H.K.Sahu (PGT Chemistry)
2. Mrs. O.K.Lakra (TGT Social Science)
3. Mr. S.K.Patel (Librarian)
NOVEMBER 1. Mr. Vipul Sharma (PGT Economics)
2. Mr. C.P. Sahu (TGT Hindi)
3. Mrs. S.Tiwari (TGT Science)
DECEMBER 1. Mr. S.Bhagat (PGT Geo)
2. Mr. U.K.Rathiya (TGT (Hindi)
3. Mr. J.Toppo (PET - M)
JANUARY 1. Mr. Y.K.dewangan (PGT Hindi)
2. Mr. D.K. Mohanty (TGT Odia)
3. Mr. G.S.Singh (Art Teacher)
FEBRUARY 1. Mr. U.S.Patel (PGT Maths)
2. Ms. S.Sahu (TGT Odia)
3. Ms. S.Singh (PET-F)
MARCH 1. Mr. H.K.Sahu (PGT Chem)
2. Mrs. S.Dixit (TGT Maths)
3. Mrs. S. tirkey (Music Teacher)
APRIL 1. Mr. U.S.Patel (PGT Maths)
2. Mrs. O.K.Lakra (TGT SST))
3. Mr. S.K.Patel (Librarian)

Maintainance & Repair Committee (M & R)

Regular maintenance & repair of buildings, water supply systems, electrical fittings, sewer and sanitation systems, dining & kitchen, play fields etc., an M&R committee has been constituted as per the guidelines given by construction wing of NVS HQ. Committee members inspect the each area of the campus and make a plan to implement the M&R work on priority basis in the Vidyalaya. Committee also supervise the M&R work & progress.

1 Principal Chairman
2 Vice-Principal / senior most Teacher Member
3 Two House Master (One Male & One Female) Member
4 School Captain Member
5 One local technical Officer nominated by the Chairman, VMC Member

Mess Committee

Vidyalaya Mess and its effective functioning plays a vital role in the success story of the Vidyalaya and paves the path in promoting discipline among the students. For effective functioning of the Mess, Mess committee & Physical verification committee monitor all the items procured for mess including food items and equipments.

1 Principal Chairman
2 Vice-Principal Member
3 House Master (Sr & Jr) Member
6 Staff Nurse Member
7 School Captain Member
8 School Vice-Captain Member
9 One Migrated Student Member
10 Class Captain of all Classes Member

Duties and Functions of the Mess Committee:-

1. To Plan and finalise the menu and suggest changes within exiting financila norms.
2. To supervise the quality and quantity of food stuff procured for the Vidyalaya Mess.
3. To supervise the preparation and & cooking of food in the mess.
4. To suggest ways and meansfor making local purchage of fresh provisions and to ensure reduction in wastage of food.
5. Maintanance of proper discipline in the mess and maintainance of cleanliness in the dining hall and sorrounding areas.
6. To suggest and implement an effective serving system in the dining hall.

House System

10 houses are setup separately for boys and girls students. These houses are administered by House masters/mistress under the directions of Principal. To give parental care, regular visit of HMs, AHMs and MODs (Master on Duty) to their respective houses are ensured. HMs, AHMs also interacts with students, solves their difficulties & problems & gives proper counselling to provide home like atmosphere and helped them to live together and make good personality.

As per NVS guidelines two-tier house system is functioning in the Vidyalaya. Houses are divided in the following group of students:-

1. Junior Houses for classes 6th to 8th students.
2. Senior Houses for classes 9th to 12th students.

At present following setup is made for effective management of House system.

S.N. House H.M. A.H.M.
1 Aravali A Shri N.K.Gupta Shri Y.K.dewangan
2 Aravali B Shri P.Yadav Shri G.S.Singh
3 Nilgiri A Shri S.Bhagat Shri Vipul Sharma
4 Nilgiri B Shri D.K.Mohanty Shri O.K.Lakra
5 Shivalik A Mr. U.S.Patel Mr. M.K.Mishra
6 Shivalik B Mr. S.K.Patel Mr. J.Toppo
4 Udayagiri A Mr. H.K.Sahu Mr. C.P.Sahu
5 Udayagiri B Mr. Rajan Kumar Mr.U.K.Rathiya
6 Aravali Girls Mrs. S.Dixit Mrs. S.Tirkey
7 Nilgiri Girls
Mrs. S.Tiwari Mrs. S.Diamond
2 Shivalik Girls Mrs. Sangeeta Sahu Mrs. S.Singh
3 Ugayagiri Girls Mrs. Sunita Devi Ms. H.J.Jyotikiran

Safety & security

Being a residential in nature, it’s our prime responsibility to ensure safety & security of students. For the better management in this area, Vidyalaya follows all the directions & guidelines issued by NVS. Special care to girl students has been given top priority. The following committee have been constructed to ensure safety and security & good health of students.


  1. Daily verification of M.O.D. report by the Principal.
  2. Monthly updating of students medical records and verification by the Principal.
  3. Daily visit of House-Master to dormitory, interaction with children particularly migrated children, along with verification of issue of student’s articles in time.
  4. Availability of drinking water and maintenance of running water facility to toilets and bathrooms.
  5. Nominating a suitable Counsellor for counselling of emotionally disturbed children.
  6. Assigning Rotational responsibility to designated staff for upervision of physical hazards/danger points in and around campus and taking remedial action.
  7. Weekly review meeting by Principal with House-Masters and House Captains.
  8. Operational zing Vidyalaya Control Register, M&R/complaint Register and grievance box. All to be directly monitored by Principal.
  9. Locking dormitory during day time and school building during night.
  10. Cleaning of bushes and adequate lightening in the campus.
  11. Regulating entry/exit at Main Gate.
  12. Proper repairs of boundary walls.
  13. Monthly fumigation in campus to control insects/mosquitoes etc.
  14. Sick children to stay in MI Room under supervision of Staff Nurse and not in dormitories during day time.

Incharges for the Session 

The following committees have been constituted in the session 2015-16 for the smooth functioning of the vidyalaya.

S.N. Committee/Department Name Designation
1 Academic & Mess Mr. N.K.Gupta PGT Physics
2 CBSE Mr. H.K. Sahu PGT Chemistry
4 Internal Exam 1. Mr. N.K.Gupta
2. Mr. U.S. Patel
PGT Physics
PGT Maths
5 JNVST Mr. S.Bhagat
Mr. U.K. Rathiya
PGT Geography
TGT Hindi
6 Computer Lab Mr. U.S. Patel PGT Maths
7 Samsung Smart Class Mrs. S.Dixit TGT Maths
8 M & R 1.Mr. N.K.Gupta
2. Mr. J.Toppo
3. Mr. A.Tandan
4. Mrs. S.devi
9 Water & Electricity Mr. Anit Tandan ECP
10 Furniture Mr. S.D.Sen Store Keeper
11 Class Arrangement Mr. Vipul Sharma PGT Economics
12 CCA Mr. Y.S. Dewangan PGT Hindi
13 Alumni Mr. G.S.Singh Art Teacher
14 Audio-Video Mrs. S. Tirkey Music Teacher
15 Pace-Setting Mr. G.S.Singh Art Teacher
16 PTC Mr. U.K. Rathiya TGT Hindi
17 Plantation & Beautification 1. Mr. S.Bhagat
2. Mr. J.Toppo
PGT Geography
PET (-M)
18 Scouts & Guides Mr. G.S.Singh 
Mrs. S. Singh
Art Teacher
19 Migration Mrs. S. Sahu
Mr. D.K.Mohanty
TGT Odia
TGT Odia
20 Mini-Migration Mr. S. Bhagat PGT Geography
21 Games & Sports Mr. J.Toppo PET ( - M)
22 Students Stationary Mr. G.S.Singh Art Teacher
23 Vidyalaya Museum Mr. G.S.Singh Art Teacher
24 Vidyalaya Web-Site Mr. G.S.Singh Art Teacher