10 Feb, 2010

Colour Prepration from natural sources

We made this video to describe colour preparation.

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9 Feb, 2010

Colours form natural Sources

Colours can be extracted from vegetables, flowers, plants etc.
16 Jan, 2010

Colours : Hue, Tint, Shade & Tone

Hue - Hue is a look of color in the red,green and blue (RGB) scheme. Many colors can be specified by hue,saturation and brightness. There are three types of colors in hue.

1.    Primary colors
2.    Secondary colors
3.    Tertiary colors

1.Primary colors-  In art  (visual art) red ,blue and yellow are primary colors because they can not be obtained by mixing any colors.
2.Secondary colors- Secondary colors are the colors which are created by mixing two primary  colors in equal amount. They are violet,green and orange. These are located in between the two primary  colors in color wheel .

3.Tertiary colors -Tertiary colors are color which are obtained by both primary and secondary colors. It is the combination of primary and secondary colors.
      There are six tertiary colors-

Tints- When white is combined with any colors the color become cold  and the result is called When white are mixed with any color they become lighter.

Tones- When gray is combined with any color the result obtained is called  tones.

Shade- When black is combined with any colors the object makes darker the result in called shade .like
                            1.Rust is a shade of orange.
                            2.Hunter is a shade of green .
                            3. burgundy is a shade of red .

Complementary colors- complementary colors are present in the color wheel opposite to each   other . These scheme look best when warms and cold colors are opposite in each other .

Neutral colors- Black and whites colors are called neutral colors. It is used for how dark or light a color is white is used for lightness and black is used for darkness .
10 Jan, 2010

Primary colour

Primary colors- mainly  there are two group of primary colours . group belongs to  RGB  colour  model  while another is based on CYMK model . when we talked about raw material (pigment) that  can be mixed with each other in different quantity then CYMKmodel is followed . in CYMK model- cyan magenta and yellow is the primary colour because it can not be produced by mixing any other colour material. but by mixing there three colours we can get another three colours thet is know as secondary colour .Red,yellow and blue colours are primary colourand not be created by mixiing other colours . on the countrythey are mixed with one another to produce other colours .in printing and plastic arts magenta  (a pinkish red), yellow and cyan(a blue) are used us primary colours because they are better suited to mixing and yield better balanced.


8 Jan, 2010

RGB & CYMK Colour Models

RGB Colour Model is used mainly in the field of Science.   CYMK Colour Model is used mainly in Visual Art and in Printing.